2017 Books Challenge Part 2

Book Dragon’s Lair’s Audio Books Reading Challenge

I’ve never been one for audio books. I prefer the feel of the book and to see the words, letting the beauty of the sentences take them my breath away. Definite word nerd. But I also have a few yarn art challenges on my list for 2017 so this will tie in nicely. I neither knit nor crochet well enough to simultaneously watch TV, but listening to a book while doing it? That I can do! And I’m so happy to have discovered the zenness of listening to classic novels while racking up WIPs. Someone should market this.

Book Dragon’s challenge is simple enough – listen to a book, get points. I’m aiming for Byte status here. I may listen to more, depending on how my yarn challenges go, but am starting with these:

The Metamorphosis

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man


Jane Eyre

The House of Mirth

Wuthering Heights

The Red Badge of Courage

Anna Karenina

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Pride and Prejudice



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