2017 Books Challenge Part 3

I’m always late to discovering new things, but if you haven’t heard of Muse Monthly yet, check it out! This brilliant girl is one of my new favorite human beings. She puts together delicious fair trade teas with equally delicious new literature and mails them to your home to enjoy in a definite Hygge moment. Complete bliss I tell you.

She’s come up with a great challenge this year that promises hours of enjoyment and discovery of new authors to love.

Muse Monthly Challenge

Muse Monthly book – We’ll have to wait to see what’s in store this year, but I already know I’m going to love it.

Book by an author you heard about through Muse Monthly – I plan to read Our Endless Number of Days for this one. Sadly it was a month’s selection before I joined so I missed it.

Book by a writer of colorThe Mothers by Brit Bennett. The reviews for this are outstanding, the story fits right in line with my preferred themes AND it’s an Indiespensibles from Powell’s. Trifecta.

Book by an LGBTQ writer – I’ve chosen Jeanette Winterson’s Gap of Time. Because A, she’s a phenomenal writer and B, I so need to read the Hogarth Shakespeare books!

Book by a female writerThe Unbroken Line of the Moon by Johanne Hildebrandt will fit here and will take me into the wonderful escapism world of Kristin Lavransdattir and The Greenlanders.

Book in translationA Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. My dear cousin Åsa recommended this to me when I visited her in Sweden awhile back. I haven’t read it yet so am pleased to add it here and finally do so.

Book you should have read in high school – well, that’s going back a few years! I had to really think on this one. I’ve always been a book nerd and if my Lit teacher said read a book, I read it – and loved it. She never let me down. I chose The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I don’t remember that it was on my high school reading list, but it could have been and I’ve always wanted to read it.

Banned book – I always read one during banned book week anyway so this was easy. This year I’m choosing Frankenstein.

Collection of poetryThe Great Enigma by Tomas Tranströmer. I’m sensing a Scandinavian them with my choices, but then I often do.

Book that takes place in the futureThe Road. I adore Cormac McCarthy’s writing, but this is one I still haven’t read so in the challenge it goes.

Book recommended by a friend – My dear colleague Jean has a wonderful habit of bringing me back books that she picked up to read on the plane when she travels. Her latest is Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh and it promises to be quite good.

Book made into a TV show or movie – The Handmaid’s Tale because you can’t go wrong with the incomparable Margaret Atwood. Or Hulu. And really, Rory?

Book you’ve been meaning to read forever – I have way too many of these. I can’t possibly read all the books I’d like to before I die. And they keep coming out with more! Heaven has to have an endless library. Tackling the TBR with Expensive People by Joyce Carol Oates.

And because I’m a glutton, the advance challenges:

Book that features a library – A dear friend and my wise and beautiful daughter highly recommend Shadows of the Wind. They both have impeccable taste so it wins.

Short story collection – In 2009 at The Book Centre in Dublin, I picked up Davy Byrnes Stories to read on the plane. I didn’t and it’s been sitting on my shelves ever since. Time to read it.

Celebrity memoir – When I was living in Pretoria, South Africa a few years back, I bought Nelson Mandela’s Conversations With Myself. Mainly because I idolized the man. I didn’t read it. When the world lost this beacon of hope, I meant to, but had moved on from South Africa and couldn’t find it. I cried at having lost it. About a month ago I discovered it carefully wrapped and placed securely in the bottom of my craft box. The movers must have thought it was a sacred as I do. I’ll read it now and honor him as I do.

Immigrants’ story – Another great opportunity to tackle my TBRs and finally read Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea.



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