REVIEW: The Unbroken Line of the Moon by Johanne Hildebrandt

I gave this book a 3 rating because despite the rocky start, the storyline soon held my interest. It is an epic tale of love, war and the Nordic gods set in tenth century Scandinavia where Sigrid begins her path to queendom and Sweyn begins his to kingdom. It goes without saying their paths will merge.

Despite the encroaching wave of Christianity, these two are devout believers of the old Nordic gods. Sigrid believes she is guided by Freya and Sweyn, by Thor. These gods, and others, along with their human spirits, feature heavily in the book as do the practices of their believers. And of course, Vikings, in all their warring glory.

A marriage is arranged, not Sigrid and Sweyn’s, to forge alliances. A sacrifice is made, Sigrid and Sweyn’s, to give life to a new king foretold by the tapestry of life.

The characters grow stronger with age and experience they gain from mistakes and wiser choices. A great deal of their actions are attributed to their belief in the gods or the family members surrounding them throughout the book.  These are strong people – for good or bad.

If you like Norse mythology, love stories with a little depth or just a good historical legends read, you’ll enjoy this book. I did. But after 400+ pages, not enough to immediately pick up any of the others in the series.

Note: I read this on my Kindle as a suggested read. Although it’s noted as Book 1 of The Valhalla series, it is actually Book 4.


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