24 in 48 Updates

Hour 7.5: feeling very much in need of a nap so made myself a double shot mocha before heading back to Mississippi where the levees are about to break. Note to the authors and editor though, Mora clocks are from Sweden not Switzerland.


Hour 6: still deep in the Delta but took a break for shelf sharing



Hour 4: listened to Pride and Prejudice for a couple hours while walking the dog, cleaning up the potted plants and making a nice carrot salad to enjoy on the balcony. Now back to Mississippi in the ’20s.


Good Morning Readers!

The sun is just coming up here in Sofia and it promises to be a beautiful day.

I started the challenge about an hour ago with “The Tilted World” by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly.

It is the spring of 1927 and Commerce Secretary Hoover is leading the Red Cross and revenuers up and down the Mississippi to bust still operators and levee sabotaging. The rains have been record breaking for the last two years and the great Mississippi is bursting through levees all along its path causing devastating flooding and leaving death and desperation in its wake.

What are you reading this morning?


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