24 in 48 Updates

Hour 24.5: Ended up going back to Pride and Prejudice for the last 3 hours as I just couldn’t sit anymore without nodding off. Now I’m at 95% and feel the tussle between sleep and the last 5%.

Great challenge! Many thanks to the organizers for putting it all together and for livening things up with the additional challenges thrown in every few hours.

Happy Reading All!


Hour 18.5: finished News of the World, a beautifully written story whose words and images stay with you; will post a review later

Spine Poetry


Mocha and “gods in Alabama” in hand for the final 5.5 hours.


Hour 15.5: listened to a few more chapters of Pride and Prejudice while getting some much needed housework done.

Brewed some lemon-ginger tea and settling back into News of the World where the captain continues to reintroduce Kiowa-kidnapped, 10 year-old Johanna to the white man’s world on their journey to her people in San Antonio territory.


Hour 13.5:



My TBE – made them on Friday to fuel the weekend:
• Carrot salad with toasted walnuts and cranberries
• Oriental salad with roasted chicken and mandarin slices
• Black bean and corn salad with fresh avocado and smetana
• Hummus with carrot sticks

And cappuccinos, mochas, lemon-ginger tea and sparkling water with orange juice


Hour 12.5: slept longer than I meant to so a late start this morning. A brief thunderstorm in the middle of the night has cooled things down here and it looks to be another beautiful day.

“This is writing. This is printing. This tells us of all the things we ought to know in the world. And also that we ought to want to know.” ~ News of the World




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